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Bring Astrology to your Computer with Astrolog

Astrolog is a free app designed to help anyone with an interest in astrology. The app features a range of tools that can be used to make a detailed astrological reading.

Astrology on your Computer

Anyone familiar with the world of astrology knows that it I more than newspaper zodiacs: to the dedicated, astrology is a wide and deep field which can take a vast time to study. Astrolog is a free app that aims to make life easier for anyone who wants to conduct astrological readings on a regular basis. It includes a number of different charts. including synastry charts, composite charts, relationship charts and more. It features sophisticated tools for calculating the astrological positions of planets, including esoteric bodies such as Vulcan and the "Dark Moon" Lilith.

A Tool for the Astrology Buff

The wide range of features, some of them rather esoteric in nature, may be confusing to users who are new to astrology. Astrolog is designed for people who already have strong understandings of astrology in its more sophisticated forms; anyone else is liable to get lost. But if you are already an astrology buff, then you will find Astrolog a handy tool for conducting your readings.


  • Offers many different ways of creating readings.
  • Covers the more esoteric side of astrology.


  • A lurid default graphical scheme.
  • The sheer amount of features will take time to learn.

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Astrolog 6.50 for PC

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